Give a Day to Copeland | How it works
Give A Day to Copeland is about encouraging more businesses to get involved. Make your pledge between 20th June and 20th July 2018
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How it works

One of the best parts of  Give a Day to Copeland is that it is an easy, tried-and-tested model to give back. It only takes 30 seconds to take the pledge, and you can always update your pledge type and information later. Just follow the steps below.


Step 1: Make your business pledge on our site by clicking on this form. Who you give to, when you give, and how much is completely up to you! We encourage companies to give back as much as they can; however, it’s important that you do whatever makes sense for your company’s long-term growth and business model.


Step 2: We publish your pledge on our website.


Step 3:  You complete your pledge by June 2019. When you have, we share your story on our website, socials and with the #GiveADayCopeland